Finding Excel Spreadsheet Templates on Your Computer

Finding Excel Spreadsheet Templates on Your Computer

Excel Templates on Your Computer

excel templatesThe easiest way to locate Excel templates,  is to find the ones located in your version of Excel.  To find free Excel templates that are available to you:

Open Excel 2007

  • Select the Office Button Excel Office Button and select New.
  • On the right side of your screen, type in the search criteria.  (This works as long as you have an internet connection.  Your search criteria can be anything you are looking for: budgets, calendar, etc)
  • Click OK.
  • You will see a ton of free templates available to you.

If you have Excel 2003,

  • Select File and then New.
  • Look to the right of your workbook (the task pane) and type your criteria in the search online box.  (This works as long as you have an internet connection)
  • You can also search by clicking on the link for On My Computer.  This lets you find templates already stored on your computer.

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