Expense Reimbursement Form

Some businesses allow their employees to purchase their own work supplies and get paid back for the expense. This is a good practice and very easy to track and monitor for most business purchases. There are a couple of ways that companies can allow staff to purchase their own supplies. One is to have a corporate account at a supply market. Another is to have the employee use an Expense Reimbursement Form. Either way, employers are able to track how much their staff is spending or either approve repayment, or deny repayment.

There are some options to tracking and submitting receipts for employee supply reimbursement. You could create your own expense reimbursement form, or simply download a template for everyone to use to submit supply costs. The template is simple to use for all. The process is made easy for employers to approve and staff to submit.

Steps to Download Expense Reimbursement Form

  1. First, get the form on this page.
  2. Click to download to your computer.
  3. Open in your favorite program.
  4. Customize with your personal and business information.

Once you have the template downloaded, it is simple to input your business information. You can even change any element to fit your company needs. Print out a few to give to any staff member who is purchasing their own work supplies.

The employee fills in the form, includes a receipt for their purchase and turns it in to the appropriate department. Once the department approves the purchase, the staff member is paid back for their out of pocket company purchase.

Using an expense reimbursement form template makes it simple to track and reimburse expenses that employees incur for their job. When you are in business, there must be a paper trail for proof of expenses. At tax time, it will be simple for your accountant to figure your deductions for tax purposes.

Allowing your staff to purchase their own supplies also insures that they are equipped to perform their duties, without waiting for a purchase order for supplies. Keep accurate track of expenses for your entire staff easily with expense reimbursement form.

Download: Expense Reimbursement Form

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