Family Budget Planner

The Microsoft Family Budget Planner

Many times our paycheck seems to be gone before we know it. Without a good financial plan this scenario happens over and over again and can become very frustrating. The family budget planner can help you build a healthy financial base for your family. This family budget planner is easy to use and can be downloaded for free on this page.

How to Use the Family Budget Planner

Once you download the template, use your tab key to maneuver to each section. This planner is divided into three essential sections to help you plan your bills and keep track of your income on a monthly basis.

In the first section on the top left hand side you can name your family budget. Type in your last name, tab down and type the appropriate year. Once that is done, you will begin to enter the essential data. Use your down arrow to get to the next section.

This section, Cash Available, allows you to see how much money your family has available on a monthly basis. Go through each month and enter the appropriate numbers. The planner is set up to give you the yearly totals. Next, tab down to navigate to the next section, Income Type.

In this section you will enter the monthly income total of each person contributing to the household budget. Use your down arrow to navigate to the next section, Expenses.

This section will show you exactly how much money is spent on household necessities. Go through each entry and type the total you pay each month.

Tips for Using the Family Budget Planner

In the expense section you can add or substitute any section that does not pertain to your living situation. The planner should be set up to reflect your household spending. For instance, if you do not have a home phone bill, you can either delete that entry or substitute it with an expense that is not listed.

If there are more people contributing to the household budget, you can add another row for that individual in the income section.

The family budget planner is a tool that will help you see how your money is being spent. It will help you make the necessary changes to improving your family’s financial health.

Download: Family Budget Planner

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