Family Photo Calendar

Calendars are a way to organize your hectic schedule, but they can also be fun. The Family Calendar is an artistic way to commemorate the love you have for your family throughout the seasons. You can customize each monthly photo to display a unique memory you have with your family from the previous year.

How to Use the Family Calendar

Simply open the document file and scroll down to see all twelve months of the year. By right-clicking on the stock photo and selecting “Change Picture”, you can then select a photo from your computer and replace it with a cherished family photo.
You can also click on any day of the month to leave yourself a reminder. The document is formatted so that you can easily print each page to form an actual calendar to hang on your wall, or keep everything digital for your convenience.
The up and down arrows located at the top of the document make changing the year of your family photo calendar easy and efficient, all the necessary information will automatically change as well.

Why Use this Photo Calendar

A calendar is not just a tool for keeping your life organized; it can be a unique and personal piece also. This photo calendar gives you the chance to share and remember important or fun memories that you have with your friends and family. The simple year adjustment system makes the calendar relevant for years to come. The only thing that this template needs is your own personal touch.

Download: Family Photo Calendar

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