First Apartment Checklist

Free First Apartment Checklist

Moving into a first apartment can be both exciting and scary. Making sure that everything is taken care of both with terms of lease agreements and utilities, as well as deposits and inspections can get overwhelming. A great way to lessen the stress and be more effective in getting everything done, one can use the first apartment checklist template. This will help the individual remember everything that they need to do before taking the key and moving their things in.

How to Use the First Apartment Checklist

The first apartment checklist template offers a guide and a reminder for all the things that need to be considered and done before deciding on the perfect place. Things such as utility companies and how large the unit is can all be found within the first apartment checklist template.

Another good way to use this template is when the initial inspection of the unit is taking place. One can personalize the template to include things like visible damage, the condition of the carpet, and the cleanliness of the unit before moving in. This will serve as an invaluable resource when it is time to move out and get one’s deposit back.

The First Apartment Checklist is Easy to Use

The template is free and very easy to use. It can be accessed through the website. Once there, add the address of the unit, landlord’s name and the individual’s name to the top. Then the individual will have the ability to add or take away things from the template as they deem fit.

Once all of the personal information has been made and the template looks the way the individual wants it to, they can then either download the template on to their own computer, or they can choose to simply print it out.

Some other ways that the first apartment checklist template can be very useful:

  • Reminder to call to have utilities hooked up
  • Emergency numbers for landlord and maintenance people
  • Assure that addresses for schools and shopping are known
  • Scheduling movers
  • Setting up internet
  • To acquire renters’ insurance

This list can go on and on concerning the many facets that this template can cover. If the individual is a landlord, this template can be used as a part of the lease agreement when signed by both parties to assure that the unit is clean and in good repair both before and after the tenant moves in.

Download: First Apartment Checklist

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