Fitness Log Template

Fitness Log Template and Weight Loss Journal

Most people desire to live a healthier life style. Of those people, a very high percentage feels that they have a long way to go to get into that lifestyle. The question is how can you tell if you are living healthy? Is the number on the scale what is important? There are plenty of people out there that have a great number on the scale, but they aren’t exactly healthy. To measure progress appropriately, you really need to take several measurements. It’s a complicated process of measuring, dividing, multiplying, and then taking that number to compare against another chart.

Luckily, this fitness log template is here to make that process much simpler. With the fitness log template, you can easily enter numbers on the first tab, and watch as integral calculations like BMI and body fat percentage are put into place for you. Check subsequent tabs for graphical analysis and trending of your new data with your historical data. There is no better feeling then watching the graph go down.

How to Use the Fitness Log Template
This fitness log template is as simple as taking your own measurements and recording the results. The template does the rest of the work for you. The best part is that it is completely free, downloadable from any computer with internet access, and completely customizable in Microsoft Excel. To use the template, simply:

  • Clear the sample data from columns A through G
  • Clear the height from cells K2 and K3 in the top right corner of the worksheet
  • Enter your height in feet and inches to cells K2 and K3
  • Record your first week data

Tips for Using the Fitness Log Template

  • Try to record at a time of day when there are no outside influences and your body is in a consistent state. I prefer the moment I wake up. Use the restroom, and then do your recordings before anything else effects your day.
  • Only record data on a weekly basis. It is easy to get excited and want to record data when you see a sudden drop. Avoid doing this, because it may add to your frustration later. Record data on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day. I prefer Friday morning right when I wake up.
  • As with any weight loss journal template, be honest. Cheating your numbers a little today will only make next week’s numbers harder to meet.
  • Take a second to record how you feel. Numbers are great, but seeing how you felt about numbers weeks later can be very encouraging.

Stick with this and share it with your friends who are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Seeing the results, even when you can’t always feel them will help you to stay on track.

Download the Fitness Log Template from Microsoft Office: Fitness Log Template

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