Five Year Financial Plan Template

We all need to have a hold over our monetary matters and set goals of where exactly we are heading in the financial future. Building your own five year financial plan is one of the most effective ways of achieving this stability. If you build a 5 year financial plan, you can keep track of your money and see exactly where you’ll stand in the near future.

Building your own customized, organized financial mappingtemplate is a good way to start your financial planning and it offers a complete list of step by step instructions. The Five Year Financial Plan Template from is customizable in excel and the template is easy to use, free, and incredibly simple to use.

How to Use the Five Year Financial Plan Excel Template

  1. Download the FREE Five Year Financial Plan Template from
  2. Save the XLT file to your computer. If you wish to start a new program, than just download again and pick up where you left off.
  3. Once you download the template, pick your start date.
  4. Next, input in all of the figures and facts that you are working with. Enter in all of the financial things you have going on in your business and personal life
  5. When it comes to your stocks and bonds, enter in the months and dates when started and the excel sheet will keep track of the progress that is being made.

A Few Tips on Optimizing the Five Year Financial Plan Template to Its Full Effect

  • Always use specifics when putting in numeric values. If you enter in an estimate that may offsite your projected plan of where you will be in 5 years time.
  • Also if this is a start-up five year financial plan template always allow for a slow pace in the beginning. If this is your first time it does take a bit of time to navigate and reach your projected goals in your timeline.
  • Include all denominations in your expenses such as R&D, rent, and administration. But do not include taxes or depreciation, these are covered in another section. Each section of the template has it’s category and thing to place in. Do not over lap one in to the other. Also include assets and stocks in their own categories, do not intertwine the sections.

Download the Five Year Financial Plan from Microsoft Office: Five Year Financial Plan

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