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Making a flow chart in Excel is somewhat difficult if you don’t know how to get started in the right direction. Fortunately, with a little help from a simple flow chart template, it is incredibly easy to make flow charts. It only takes a few seconds to download and before you know it, you will have an amazing flow chart template in front of you that completely fits your project or profile needs for anything you are working on right now.

Why Download a Flow Chart for Excel?

This excel flow chart template is completely free and will take no time at all to download or setup, plus it is not hard at all to use. There is no reason to waste time trying to manually create a flow chart when such a simple solution already exists to create an Excel flow chart without the trouble.

How to Manage the Excel Flow Chart Successfully

The first step to manipulating and successfully completing your flow chart is to open up the template with Excel. It will open up to a pre-made template that has already been created for you, so you will need to add in your own personalized information. If the shape or design of the various flow chart boxes does not fit your project, everything is changeable through the Flow Shapes toolbar.
Adding differently formatted cells is as easy as clicking on your desired shape, selecting a location, and drawing it in; then you can add new flow chart connectors by simply clicking on the connector points.These two simple steps will allow you to create new boxes and connectors, removing them is as easy as clicking on them and then hitting the delete key on your keyboard. Once you’ve got the right number of boxes laid out you can begin to add text by clicking on the box and then typing, this is basically all it takes for a flow chart Excel to take shape. Thanks to this template, you have successfully created an Excel flow chart that fits your needs and it definitely took a whole lot less time than trying to create one from scratch.
Link to download the Flow Chart Template from Microsoft Office: Flow Chart Template

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