Fuel Mileage Tracker

The free Fuel Mileage Tracker is a fully comprehensive way to track your mileage for work or your business. The free template offers a customized way of entering the information you need to mark down your mileage and calculate how much you are owed by the company you work for. The template is simple and only requires the core information so you can get started with this sheet right away. The fun display also keeps you up-to-date with the information that you need to know at all times. To download and use this free template, just follow the set of instructions given below.

Using the Fuel Mileage Tracker

To download your new Fuel Mileage Tracker file, just click the link at the bottom of this page to get started.

Now, go to the “Log data” tab at the bottom of the template to start filling out the information you need to succeed.

The first step will be to enter the date of your transaction, the activity, the odometer before and after, the location, the odometer after fill up, the destination, and if you should be reimbursed for the transaction as well as the gallons and cost.

The template will calculate the columns highlighted in black for you, so there is no need to worry about that information.

When you want to start a new section for a different transaction, just do the same thing for the next row down.

When you go back to the “Mileage Log” you will receive a comprehensive review of all this information in the form of graphs and data totals. Specifically, you will see the start and end period of your trip, total reimbursement, total miles, and a graph of your overall fuel usage.

If you’re ready to keep track of this data, then download the free template today.

Download: Fuel Mileage Tracker

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