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Spring is here and that can only mean one thing, it’s planting season. Everyone’s rushing to Home Depot and Lowes to get some fresh new plants and seeds to create the perfect garden this year. There’s only one problem. Many plants have their own particular standards to survive and thrive and you might forget their needs as you water your plants and head off to continue your day. The Garden Planner is here to ensure your garden blossoms brightly with plenty of sun and water.

This simple template will give you the power to log those special plants away and list various tasks associated with them. Maybe they need to be watered twice, simply mark that down and when you complete a task; the Garden Planner will display your progress. Once you reach 100%, you know you’ll have everything you need to impress friends and family with your beautiful spring garden.

How to Use the Garden Planner

After clicking the file below to download the template, click the file to open the Garden Planner.

Start by entering the name of the plant and other details pertaining to it in the “Plant Inventory” tab. In this section, you will list the plant name, germination, growth rate, number of seeds, and feeding information (all of which should be available online or on the package).

You can also use the “Seed Starting Log” to enter similar information about seeds you just planted.

The “Garden Planning Grid” is a great tool to keep track of your plants and what they are. You can use this grid to enter your plant IDs or their entire names into the grid system and have that correspond with certain areas of your garden. Now you’ll know exactly which plant is where.

Each section of this convenient document casually lists out a “Notes” table as well. You can quickly monitor every detail of your garden or give your friends detailed instructions for your garden while you’re away, download the Garden Planner now.

Download this free template to your computer today.

Download: Garden Planner

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