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Free Lawn and Garden Checklist

Failure to create a Gardening Checklist before you start this satisfying endeavor can be wrought with disaster or a very bumpy road to success. Having just one step out of place can lead to low yield, the inability to continue the plant, or even sickness causing most of your crop to go bad. Not to mention that every seed has a different germination coupled with the amount of time till you are able to crop edible pieces.

Not all plants come back requiring replanting from seed or to take a small branch to plant and restart the process a little further ahead. Sunlight can make or break your garden and like the snowflake, not every plant will be exactly like the other. Your Gardening Checklist can be your savior in a busy lifestyle trying to add some healthy options in your diet or are excited about the hobby opportunity you are about to embark on.

Fortunately, on this page you will be able to find a useful Gardening Checklist Template for free. The template is customizable so you can tailor it what makes sense to you, everyone has a different process they utilize to complete their goals. The Gardening template is downloadable so you can get started right away on the simple first step of creating a great plan that will ensure as much success as possible.

Tips for Filling Out the Gardening Checklist

  • Organize your seeds in an order that makes sense to you, such as alphabetical, by germination date, or grouped in Perennial and Biannual.
  • Listing the color/shape or a general description of the seeds is helpful when keeping track of what you are planting or if the seeds become somehow unidentifiable by the packaging due to damage etc.
  • Take note of the time it takes for the seed to germinate and sprout so you are able to transfer them to the proper planting containers at the right time. Recording the day you planted the seeds or plant starts( a small green branch that can be planted and will root creating a new plant) will ensure little to no confusion when knowing when to transfer your plants to the pots they will either grow out of in a few weeks or spend the rest of their life being a plant that needs to be started in their respective seasons.

Start gardening the right way with the free gardening checklist. Download the gardening checklist for free here today!

Download: Gardening Checklist

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