Gas Mileage Tracker

Gas Mileage Tracker

Exactly how much is your car getting out of each tank of gas? Is it worth it to road trip with the Civic or the Prius? The Gas Mileage Tracker is an easy to use Excel template that calculates your exact MPG and cost per gallon for your vehicle.

How to use the Gas Mileage Excel Tracker

Download the Excel template using the link below and open it to see a pre-filled form. The top green and yellow boxes are numbers that are automatically generated from your data so do not adjust those. Instead, move down to the white columns for data entry.

The template works through calculating the data between each gas fill-up. Begin by entering the data of your most recent tank fill. When you fill up, reset your trip meter to zero. The “Trip Meter” column will be filled in when you put in your next tank of gas (it will be the amount between fills). The “Total Gallons” and “Total Fuel Cost” are the exact amounts from the recent fill.

From those numbers, the next three columns are automatically filled. The Cost per Gallon will indicate exactly how much each gallon of gas cost for that trip. The Miles per Gallon shows how many miles you got out of each individual gallon, and the Cost per Mile is the amount it costs for each mile traveled on that particular tank.

Once you refill your tank, reset your trip meter and enter in the new information on the next line. As you accumulate data, the top yellow and green boxes will configure the averages of each category. The more data you enter, the more exact the averages will be.

The tool in the white box to the right is for road trips. In the yellow field, enter the amount of miles the trip will be. The cost will then be estimated through the averages that were calculated in the field to the left. This is just an estimator but can give you a better idea of what a trip will cost.

To get the most out of the Gas Mileage Tracker, use exact numbers and avoid rounding up or down. Reset your trip meter each time you fill up, and the Excel sheet will take care of the rest for you.

Download the Gas Mileage Tracker


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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