Gift Certificate Email Template

Free Gift Certificate Email Template

Whether you are aware or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to send a gift via email. Most people don’t take this into consideration; consequently, these gifts can come across as spam mail or “phony” gifts to the recipients. When emailing an intentional gift, the sender is usually saying some sort of a “thank you” or “congratulations.” Failing to properly send an email of this gravity has the potential to make the sender, or the company that the sender stands for, appear unprofessional. That’s why we have constructed the perfect gift certificate email template; and we want you to have it.

Why Download Our Gift Certificate Email Template

There are many reasons why you should choose our template; initially, if you are looking for a professional, yet casual congratulatory template, that is exactly what you’ll get. However, there are several bonuses. Our template is completely free to download on this page; we offer you all of the control by giving you the option to customize to your taste; and finally, this template is stress free and easy to use. We guarantee you can’t go wrong with our free downloadable gift certificate email template. Award your gifts the right way!

How to Use Our Gift Certificate Email Template

When a gift is being given, there is usually a great deal of hype involved in the initial telling; as well as with the gift itself. With our template, customizing your message, colors, and anything else is a walk in the park. For further assistance, we have added a few basic tips below:

  • Choose which icons match your taste (preferably parallel them to your company or the gift). Click save.
  • Decide which colors you want to use. Click save another time.
  • Finally, customize your message to be received by the recipient and click save a final time before you are ready to send it.

Send your gift the right way with our free downloadable gift certificate email template. Don’t make the mistake of sending out an untrustworthy email containing a very real gift. Download our template today!

Download: Gift Certificate Email Template

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