Gold and Silver Weight Converter

When working with precious metals, you may be dismayed to find out your old units of measure just don’t cut it when you’re trying to figure out the value. The Gold and Silver Weight Converter takes the units of weight you’re familiar with and gives you the proper TROY ounce conversion back instantly. The TROY ounce is commonly used as the system of measurement to properly measure the mass of precious metals, like gold and silver. However, you can also use this template to measure other precious metals as well. To learn more about the free template, just continue reading the guide below.

Using the Gold and Silver Weight Converter

The first step you need to take on your path of gold and silver is to download the actual template file. To do this, you will simply need to follow the link below.
The simple template will give you one page in which to enter your information. You will notice that there are three different tables, from top to bottom, in which to enter data. You will begin at the top.

The first table is what you will primarily be using to get the data you need. For example, if you have a scale that gives you grams (as most common ones do), you would simply enter that figure next to the cell marked “Grams”.

To the right of the table, you will see the TROY conversion for grams and the reverse. This way, you can properly estimate the value of your precious metals instantly.

Now, there are also two more tables that serve a different function. Let’s say you need to convert your TROY ounces to another common unit of measurement, the avoirdupois system. The second table will be able to do that for you easily.

The last table is for converting avoirdupois pounds to TROY pounds. In the same way, you used the first table, you will repeat the same steps in these two tables as well to get the figure you need.

Download: Gold & Silver Weight Converter

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