Grocery List Planning Template

Grocery List Planning Template

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to eat better. The easiest way to fail at this is to not make a grocery list and just hit the grocery store. Within a few weeks, you’ll be picking up cheese dip and chips. The Grocery List Planning Template is an organized Excel document to help you plan your new eating routine.

How to use the Excel Grocery List

The excel document can be downloaded using the link below. The colorful one page document contains pricing, units, food items, stores, and more to help you organize everything in detail – making your resolution even easier.

Ignore the top portion and move below to the gray columns with placeholders. The columns are ordered as:

  1. Done: List here if you have bought the item (clear this after you need the item again).
  2. Item: The specific food you need.
  3. Store: Your farmer’s market may carry better vegetables than your local grocer. List the sources of food here.
  4. Fill in where you want to buy the food.
  5. Qty: How much of the food you need per shopping trip.
  6. Unit: Pounds, bunches, ounces, etc.
  7. Unit Price: The cost of the item for just one unit (IE one bunch of celery).
  8. Total: The total cost for all the items (IE the cost of two bunches of celery).
  9. Notes: This space is for coupons, sales, special restrictions (gluten free, kosher, etc). Since you are updating this Excel sheet frequently, be sure to track the sales, coupons, and price changes of items.

After you’ve filled in this data, go back to the top. The boxes now display how much you will be spending in each category of grocer. It also displays the grand total.

Use this Excel template to stay on a healthy eating track, and/or a way to budget your groceries. You can see where every penny goes, making it easier to cut costs.

Download the Grocery List Planning Template


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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