Holiday Budget Planner

The holidays are such a joyful time. There are gifts to open, food to eat, family to laugh with and decorations to adore. However, the truth is someone has to buy those gifts, cook the food, travel to the family and put up the decorations. After the holidays, the true cost of the fun and festivities can be overwhelming. Without a budget, the holidays can become one of the largest expenses of the year. Spending can spiral out of control unless limits are established early. Therefore, a holiday budget planner is essential for both a joyful holiday time and a happy post-holiday season.

Every family needs the budget planner for a successful holiday experience. The planner is customizable for each individual expense. Providing an at-a-glance look at all the expenses related to that wonderful time of year, it is a must-have for each holiday season. The Microsoft Word template is free to download and easy to use. Four simple steps and the hassle of holiday planning melts away.

How to Use the Holiday Budget Planner

  • First, download the free copy of the budget planner and save to a file. This file can be used as an example for years to come.
  • Second, label the document for the year and holiday it is being used for. Save it under the holiday to refer to next year.
  • Third, make each line item specific for your needs.
  • Fourth, enter your budget for each line item so the document can add it up.

Tips for Using the Holiday Budget Planner

  • Make the budget as specific as you can. Tracking every small expense will eliminate any surprises after the festivities are over.
  • Enter the actual expenses. Tracking the progress on the budget allows for adjustments when unexpected expenses arise.
  • Follow the budget. Stressing over the expenses is easily avoided when examining the budget on a consistent basis.
  • Use the data. Year after year, this budget can provide valuable guidance when planning for each holiday.

Every family should enjoy the holidays without worrying about the cost of the festivities. Use the holiday budget at to plan a joyful holiday and focus on what really matters.

Download: Holiday Budget Planner

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