Holiday Email Template

Free Holiday Email Template

This holiday season doesn’t have to be limited to only the friends and family that can attend the party celebrations. With so many close connections across states or even countries, the Holiday Email template is the perfect way to send love, appreciation, and a special gift to someone who is far away.

Using the Holiday Email Template

The Holiday Email template requires the Microsoft Outlook 2013 program or later in order to properly function on the PC or laptop. Once the software is successfully downloaded, the Holiday Email template immediately opens for custom use. The Holiday Email template has a beautiful frosty and blue sky background with Christmas trees, a cheerful holiday slogan, and room for a generous text message for the recipient. To use this template, it is highly recommended that users connect their primary email source to the Microsoft Outlook email program. This can be done by simply configuring the first email address with the Outlook version. Once the setup is correct, users can begin to use the Holiday Email template as follows:

  • Once the template opens through outlook, the user can simply insert the recipients’ email address in the given space.
  • Follow the recipients’ email address with the sender information, a subject title ( it is recommended to use something along the lines of warm wishes so as not to give away the gift surprise), and an optional Close Captioned addressee.
  • With the Holiday template, the user can keep the default “A Gift For You” heading, or use the text box to create their own personal message of holiday greeting.
  • Follow the holiday greeting by inserting the details of the purchase. The template is great for online redeemable gift cards, an online purchase, etc that the recipient can access with his or her choice. Be sure to include all necessary gift details.
  • Place user information in the bottom of the template and press ‘send’ for the recipient to receive within minutes.

This template is a great way to surprise family members on vacation, old colleagues, or relatives that they are being thought of during the holiday occasion. This template is designed with such an elegant visual, the recipients are sure to be thrilled at the surprise waiting in their email box. What’s also great about this template is that it can be customized to fit any holiday occasion and not solely the Christmas day celebrations.

Download: Holiday Email Template

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