Holiday Expense Log

If you’re someone that finds it hard to keep track of expenses over the holidays, then the Holiday Expense Log is the perfect tool for you. This free template has everything you need to properly go through all the elements of your shopping experience and track the amount you’re spending and the initial budget that this template helps you set up. The difference will be displayed in red within the table so you know immediately. You never have to overspend again this holiday season with the Holiday Expense Log template.

Holiday Expense Log Description

You will begin by setting up the categories you want to use for this template. You will see a few examples, to begin with or you can just use the template how it is already set up for you. It’s completely up to you whether or not you want to customize the document for you own needs.

You would simply replace the items that are currently in the document. Once you have the categories you want for you own shopping experience, just go through and change the individual items as well.

As an example, let’s say that you want to document how much you spend on gifts for the family; you would start in the “gift” section. You would begin by first entering a budget for that section in the second column of the table and when you have purchased all you gifts, then you would add the amounts to enter you actual spending amount. The template will take those figures and calculate the difference.

If the difference is below your budget, the template will display green and if you went over you will see red. You can then make the necessary adjustments to stay on budget this year.

Simply fill out the other categories sections to complete the template as you see fit. Never overspend again this year with the free Expense Log template at your side.

Download: Holiday Expense Log

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