Holiday Flyer Template

Download the Holiday Flyer Template

The holidays will be here before you know it. You have a big holiday event planned and want to create the invitations to invite those special friends, family and other loved ones? Hiring a graphic designer can be expensive, doing it yourself can be too difficult or time consuming. That is unless you take advantage of the Holiday Flyer Template which can easily be downloaded right here on this page at absolutely no cost to you.

Using the Holiday Flyer Template

Allow the imagination of our creative artists to help get you started. The Holiday Flyer Template is easily customized to change it up however you want and make it look professional and tailored to your own personal needs.

To get started all you have to do is download the Holiday Flyer Template on this page by clicking on the download button. Once you open it up in Microsoft Word (Windows or Mac) just follow these steps:

  • It will bring you to another screen where you click download
  • Save it to your computer and open it up with Microsoft Word (Windows or Mac)
  • Once opened up you can click on the title and select the name of your party or event by double clicking it and typing the name of your event
  • Below that you can double click the date and change it to the date of your event
  • Just repeat below that for the time and address of the event
  • The last section is the description of the event. This is where you can include what the event is all about, some of the activities that will be happening, who you can bring, what to bring, and any additional important information that the invitee should be aware of.
  • Last but not least the event sponsor. This of course is optional and can be deleted if not applicable

Again, this is a Holiday Flyer Template which means that it can easily be customizable to fit your events needs. The Holiday Flyer Template is a lot more forgiving in starting your project than looking at a blank piece of paper. You do not have to use the sample provided. You can delete sections, re-size them and even completely change the background picture to something that is more appropriate. The template is a good place to start and reminder on important information that you might want to include. Best of luck with your upcoming event!

Download: Holiday Flyer Template

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