Holiday Party Guest List

Nothing kicks off the holiday season like a great party! But what makes a great party? The answer is planning and organization. These two elements combine for a fun and festive holiday celebration that will make all your attendees remember the event for years to come. The Holiday Party Guest List is a simple template that allows you to plan out the perfect holiday party. With its free-flowing design and simple format, this template will guide you through the steps necessary to make the most out of your special day and make sure that everyone is included.

How to Use the Holiday Party Guest List

The first step is to download the completely free file located at the bottom of your page. This file contains the template, just click on the link to get started.

The next step is to enter all the names of the people you want to invite to your party under the “Name” column. There are multiple ways to invite your recipient and confirm their attendance. One you have confirmed they will be attending your party; you can begin to fill out the rest of the information provided.

The template also gives you a list of samples to inform you how to fill out the information. Next to their name you will list if they are bringing an item, such as food or furniture.
Then, you will write down their address so you will know how far away they are and how long it will take them to get to the party.

There is also a section for you to list their relationship to you and if they are bringing a guest. This will help you to determine how much food or chairs to supply at your party.
The rest of the information just verifies if they are coming to your event and if they have agreed to bring an item for your party.

The final column gives you a great estimation for when they will arrive, so you know when to expect both them and the item they’re bringing.

Top 3 Features of the Holiday Party Guest List

  • Simple design makes customization easy and quick
  • Provides all the relevant details for a party
  • Everything you need is on one page for convenience

Download: Holiday Party Guest List

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