Holiday Travel Budget

The comprehensive Holiday Travel Budget is one of the best tools for planning out your holiday vacation. With 4 helpful tabs that cover everything from your budget to your packing list, this template will guide you through all the necessary steps to plan out your dream vacation. Nothing is more stressful than having to plan a vacation during the holidays. Not only do you have to worry about the various gifts, invitations, and family visits, but you also have to handle the struggles that come along with travel. This template takes out all the legwork and gives you a detailed strategy to make the most out of your time. Don’t waste your holiday vacation on packing and booking flights, have a clearly laid out plan with this simple template!

How to Use the Holiday Travel Budget

Click the file below to download the template! This template comes with a variety of pre-written examples to get you started, however, you can easily change these examples by clicking in the cell and typing something that better fits your needs.

Start on the white “Travel Checklist” tab. This will give you a checklist to mark off all the tasks associated with travel. The sections of this tab are broken down into 5 different categories to help you plan out your vacation. Start in the “Planning the Trip” section and go through each item on the list. Once that task has been completed you can place an “X” under the “Done” column and write any relevant notes off to the right.

Next is the “Vacation Budget” tab. This page will give you an overview of the major expenses of your trip. You will have an accurate financial statement of your journey and expenses by updating the relevant information. Again, you can change the examples by using the method mentioned above.

The next tab, “Hotel Trip Planner”, is simply a place for you to document possible hotels and their details. Using this, you can easily compare and choose the best one for you.

The final tab, “Travel Photo Log”, is a convenient page for you to store all of your photos taken on the trip and organize them into a beautiful album when you get home. This is just a nice personal addition that brings your whole trip together.

Top Features of the Holiday Travel Budget

  • Calculates your travel budget
  • Ensures you have everything with a simple checklist page
  • Allows you to compare hotels for the best option

Plan and organize your perfect holiday vacation this year!

Download: Holiday Travel Budget Workbook

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