Holiday Travel Sheet

The Holiday Travel Sheet is the only way to travel! Use this convenient travel template to track all of your travel expenses for the holidays. The perfect tool for any business or individual that wants to keep track of their business expenditures, this template lists all of the commonly associated items that come with traveling. Now you can have an accurate account of your finances and a great invoice for your employer as well!

How to Use the Holiday Travel Sheet

The template is easily customizable. Once you have downloaded the file below and opened the document, you can start to edit and change the pre-written text.

Start in the section marked “Target Trip Budget” and enter the amount you want to limit yourself for the trip. This will compare your budget with the expenses you enter throughout the template and give you a convenient overview at the top.

The next step is to enter each of the items in the main table, located at the center of the page. There is a category for each column, simply fill out the information that is requested by the template in the column header. Here, you can type the item description, cost, and the quantity of that purchase.

The bars at the top of your screen will give you a clear overview of all this information by comparing your budget with the actual cost of the trip. After that, you can print the document for your employer or for your personal records. Simply press “File” in the top left corner of the page and select “Print”.

This template gives you a fast and free way to organize and store your travel expenses!

Why Use the Holiday Travel Sheet

By using the Travel Sheet, you can have an accurate measure of all your expenses for your employer or your personal finances. A lot of people travel during the holidays, it’s completely unavoidable. That doesn’t mean you have to fall behind all your travel receipts and other expenses. This template is a way for you to easily keep track of this information.
Keep track of all of your travel expenses this year!

Download: Holiday Travel Sheet

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