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Going to the grocery store is a terrible experience when you don’t actually know what you need. It’s easy to remember the common items like milk, bread, etc. However, it’s awful when you’re making burgers only to discover you don’t have any condiments. The Home Food Inventory template is the best way to plan the perfect grocery list. Instead of buying the food you want, you’ll always get the groceries you need. This template is fully customizable so you can quickly go from thinking up your list to actually writing it down. Use the Food Inventory sheet again and again, download today to get started.

How to Use the Home Food Inventory

Downloading the template is free and easy, just click the link below.

After you have the document, you can see the first example at the top of the page to get a feel for how the template works.

When you’re ready to add a new item, just click in the first column and enter the name of your product. The template organizes your list be providing separate categories in the header section above. You’ll notice how the first section is used for vegetables. You will simply list all the vegetables you have and write them in the corresponding boxes.

The date section is intended for you to keep track of when you bought the item. If it’s been a few weeks, you might consider trashing the item and buying more. The quantity column can also help you determine how much of the item you’ll need to buy.

You can also list the price of the product to help you determine how much your next grocery excursion will cost before you even hit the register.

This is a great way to stay under budget when buying groceries. You may even find that one store sells the product for a significantly lower cost.

When you see your supply for one item is getting low, you’ll know immediately and never be left without it.

Download the free Home Food Inventory to plan your meals in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Download: Home Food Inventory

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