Home Inventory Ledger Template

Sometimes accidents happen; if your home is destroyed you don’t want to lose anything along the way to recovery. The Home Inventory Ledger Template is designed to help you catalog, store, and recover any items that may have been lost. You want to return to some sense of normalcy after disaster strikes your home and this template is designed to help you keep track of everything important.

Home Inventory Ledger Template Instructions

Begin by downloading the file below and open the document once it’s finished. Everything you need to get started is on one simple tab. The document will show you what to enter based on the titled columns. Simply enter the location, description, and the rest of the information located in the highlighted header and you can rest easy knowing you have your home inventory.

The Inventory Ledger has a section at the top left and right corners for you to enter your home address and your insurance information; everything you need is in one quick glance.
After you enter your address, contact information, and insurance information into your home inventory you can start filling out the tablet below with your personal items.

The Ledger makes everything organized for you to start as quickly as possible. It categorizes your effects by room so you can easily start from one location and move onto the next. After you enter the value, warranty, initial price, and condition of the item, the next step is to start taking pictures. After all, these items have meaning to you and you need to make sure you have proof for your insurance company.

Once you have finished entering all the information, you can safely print off as many copies of the document as you need. Make sure you store them in safe locations other than your house; a safety deposit box or a relative’s home are great examples.

Why Use the Home Inventory Ledger Template?

Disaster can strike at any time: whether it’s a flood or an electrical fire, these things just happen. This document provides a fast and free way to be prepared. Too often people lose the items that were covered by a warranty or by their insurance but can’t remember the specifics. They end up paying even more after everything is over. Don’t let a single item get away from you. Download the Inventory Ledger today!

Download: Home Inventory Ledger Template

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