Home Maintenance Checklist

The Home Maintenance Checklist is the perfect tool for anyone looking to keep their house neat and organized through the entire year. All you need to do is customize the template to suit the items in your own home then print it off for the entire family to participate. Whether you live alone, have a family of 4, or even want to keep your business tidy, this template can be formatted to help anyone organize and clean their space. Don’t let another year go by where you have to clean your home for a week just to make everything decent, download this Maintenance Checklist template and keep your place shining like new each and every day.

Home Maintenance Checklist Guide

The first step is to go through each of the categories and make sure they reflect the items of your unique and lovely home. The categories are highlighted in salmon and the items below each category will be related in some way.

For example, the “Master Bedroom” section has “make bed” as a task to be performed under it. You will also notice that there is a section where you can make the task as completed by entering a check mark in the box to the task’s right.

If you want to change any of the pre-written examples to match your own home, simply click the cell that needs to be changed (headers, tasks, etc.) and start typing something new,
Once you have your cleaning schedule completely filled out, you can print the document to store somewhere for anyone to easily see and complete the tasks, have you entire family join in to make it easier.

When they complete a task, the only thing left to do is write or enter a checkmark in the appropriate box next to the item and they’ll be done for the day.

Download: Home Maintenance Checklist

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