Home Remodeling Budget Template

Microsoft Home Remodeling Budget Template

People remodel their homes for a wide variety of reasons. When you remodel your home you need to have a budget so that you save money. If you are planning to perform a remodeling project on your home, then you need to use the Home Remodeling Budget Template.

How to Use the Home Remodeling Budget Template

The Home Remodeling Budget Template is easy to use. The template has three different pages. The first page allows you to lay out all of your costs for each area of your house. There are places to name your project and enter your project budget. As you go through the project there are places you can enter the actual amount you spend on each part. The template is fully customizable so you can easily update the budget to suit the needs of your remodeling project.

The best part of the first page is that it projects the total budget and the total actual money spent in both numerical and graphical form. The next page allows you to enter all of your costs and to itemize the costs based on what they are meant for. This is a helpful page that allows you to keep up with the costs. The final page simply lets you keep track of all of the areas, rooms, and items you are remodeling as part of your project. This is extremely useful for planning your project. The Home Remodeling Budget Template is completely free and downloadable.

Tips for Using the Home Remodeling Budget Template

  • Lay out your budget before the project begins and be sure to update it regularly.
  • Make sure the projected costs you put in are realistic; you do yourself no favors when you lie to yourself.
  • Be sure you can afford it before you start a home remodeling project; you do not want to get halfway through the project and then realize you are out of money. A home remodeling project is usually something that has to be completed for the home to be useable.
  • Don’t freak out if you go slightly over as long as you can afford it.

Download: Home Remodeling Budget Template

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