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Saving for a personal vacation for you and maybe even your entire family is quite the task. There are a lot of expenses associated with travel. Even if you’re pinching pennies, you may find it difficult to save up the money for the nice vacation you and your family deserve. Luckily you can get some help by using the free Home Travel Budget. This template will help you organize your income and expenses in such a way you can comfortably save month to month, without starving yourself or sacrificing any of your daily amenities.

How to Use the Home Travel Budget

The first step will be to download the free template below by clicking the link provided.

The categories are listed at the top of each section; making it easy for you to navigate through the Travel Budget to the exact topic you need to enter something new.

You’ll first enter your income information in the green section at the top of your screen. Everything else (in blue) is for you to enter your daily expenses.

To change an example item, just click the cell you want to change and start typing. It’s that easy.

You’ll also see that at the bottom of every income and expense section, there is a calculated total for you provided. You can use this information to make small adjustments in your daily life to save the money you need for your ideal vacation.

After you have finished entering all your financial information, scroll back to the top of the page to see a detailed report of your income and expenses for the month.

The black section will highlight your overall income verses your expenses. Your aim will be to save a certain amount each month specifically for your trip.

This template make sit easy to analyze your monthly expense and change a few daily thing so you can save hundreds a month for your dream vacation instead of selling or sacrificing your comfortable lifestyle.

Download: Home Travel Budget

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