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Keeping your home clean is not only good for your health, but it also gives you a calming peace of mind when you come home from a long day of work to a spotless environment. However, some of the things you need to clean in your home often require constant upkeep and that’s where the Home Upkeep Log comes into play. This simple template allows you to keep and update a running log to check the last time a certain item was cleaned. This way, you know exactly when you need to clean out the gutters or even change the water filter in your refrigerator. Read the instructions below to learn how to use this free document.

Using the Home Upkeep Log

After following the link below to download the template, click the file to open the document.

You’ll notice there are three main columns to the Home Upkeep Log, once you open it. There is a place to list the item, describe it in great detail, and a table to list the dates for the last time it was cleaned.

There are many examples in the document to show you how to use the proper format but you will gradually change the example items as you make your way through the list. To get started, let’s walk through an example.

The first item is one that plagues us all, cleaning windows. We all know how frustratingly quick streaks can appear after you’ve just cleaned the window.

You would start by writing the item name, in this case, “window.” Next, you would state what you need to do in the next column. You can also list specific rooms you want to clean the windows in this section as well. Finally, you will write the date in the “Date Last Completed” table so you can stay up-to-date.

That’s all there is to this simple template. When you get a little anxious about the state of your windows, kitchen tile, or ceiling fans, you can just refer to this table and know exactly when it was last cleaned. If it was a week ago you’re probably fine, but if it was months back you may want to pick up a broom and dust pan.

Keep a clean and healthy home by downloading the Home Upkeep Log today.

Download: Home Upkeep Log

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