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Organizing your educational responsibilities can be a hectic experience, particularly for students in high school and in college. So many other factors in a student’s life can draw their attention away from schoolwork and other necessary tasks. This is the time in life where students can develop great organization skills. Being able to maintain your schedule properly will help to handle multiple projects and tasks later in life. The Excel Homework Calendar template lays out a student’s homework schedule in a simple, easy to understand spreadsheet to help maintain the student’s agenda.

Using the free Homework Calendar Template

Go ahead and save a free copy of the Homework Calendar template located further down in this article. You’ll be thanking yourself later for doing so. Once you open up the template, follow the directions below to get the most out of it.

  • The “Homework List” worksheet is shown when you open the spreadsheet. Here, you’ll list each class and assignment in-depth. Record the due date for the assignment, the class, as well as the actual assignment details. Don’t skimp on the description of the homework!
  • When you’re done filling in assignments, make sure to save the file. The homework assignments entered on the Homework List sheet will automatically fill in the calendar on the “Homework Calendar” page.
  • Click the “Homework Calendar” tab at the bottom to switch worksheets. Once this sheet is open, the calendar month will be shown featuring all the assignments you listed before. If the calendar is blank and you’ve entered assignments on the other sheet, enter the current month and year in the top right corner of the calendar sheet to update it.

Tips for using the Homework Calendar

  • The more often you utilize the Excel Homework Calendar template, the more organized you’ll be. Without a doubt, these positive actions will lead to better grades in school.
  • You can customize the calendar template in any way you desire. Adding pictures and changing calendar colors are the most popular ways of personalizing the calendar.

Download: Homework Calendar


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