Homework Schedule Template

Going to college is quite a life experience. Making new friends, meeting new people, and going to raging parties are all essential elements of college life. In some cases, students actually forget that they’re going to school for an education and a degree. They let their social life negatively affect their studies and end up with terrible grades because of it. It sounds bad, but it does happen. By making use of the Excel Homework Schedule Template, students won’t have any more excuses for missing assignments or tests.

The free homework schedule is an innovative tool for students, encouraging them to keep an eye on the social and educational parts of their lives. Do the smart thing and be sure to get your hands on a free copy today.

Using the free Homework Schedule Template

The homework template was created in Microsoft Excel, so you’ll need that or different software to handle spreadsheets. Open the template up and get started by reading below.

  • Your new template is made of two worksheets: Class and Activity Lists and Homework Schedule. The first sheet that is shown upon the opening of the book will be the Class and Activity Lists sheet. This is where you list all your activities and what classes you are currently enrolled in.
  • Make note of the activities listed for your classes and add a few if need be.  In the ‘Classes’ column, add the classes you are currently taking. The Homework Schedule worksheet will automatically create space for each of them.
  • Go to the Homework Schedule tab. Notice that all your classes are shown on the schedule. Change the date in the top left area of the spreadsheet to match the current date.
  • Add activities in their respective columns. You can type in your own social activity or pick one from the dropdown menu that is shown. Be sure to save the template after each update.

Students can stay on top of their schedule with the free Excel Homework Schedule Template. The simplicity and genius of it will help to motivate students to keep their affairs in better order.

Download: Homework Schedule Template


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