House Cleaning Sheet

Keeping your house clean has never been easier. By using the House Cleaning Sheet you will ensure that your home stays sparkling through the year. Instead of becoming a burden “forcing” you to clean, you can enjoy the company of your guests without worrying about cleaning up beforehand. This simple document makes it easy for you to write out a set list of items you need to be cleaned each day and accomplish those tasks in the most efficient way. Now you can enjoy a clean home every day, giving you more time for leisure and activities that you actually love.

How to Use the House Cleaning Sheet

Once you have successfully downloaded the free template file to your computer, you will open the document and begin creating your very own House Cleaning Sheet.

You can see that the structure of the template will be very easy to work with. There are only three main columns in which to enter items.

Everything is organized by frequency. You’ll notice that each section is broken apart into “Daily,” “Weekly,” “Monthly,” and “Seasonal” tasks. The first step is to go through the pre-written tasks and change them to items you want to be cleaned in your house. Just click a cell and enter something new to change it.

Depending on the area you enter your task; you will clean the item as frequently as the category above states.

When you finish a task, simply enter a check mark next to it in the corresponding box to the left. If you have any extra relevant information you want to add for a certain area, you can write that in the “Notes” section. This is helpful if you need to remind yourself to buy cleaning supplies and things of this nature.

Keep your home shining like new this year by downloading the free template today.

Download: House Cleaning Sheet

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