House Sitting Checklist

Going out of town, whether for business or vacation, often requires having someone take care of a few things at your home while you’re away. Pets need fed, plants need watered, and mail needs collected so it’s not obvious that you are not home. Especially if you have pets, it’s essential that you have a house sitting checklist to outline what needs done for their care in your absence.

You could scratch some notes on a piece of paper for the house sitter, but that can be hard to read and something important could easily be overlooked. Take the worry out of leaving home, by downloading and using this free, customizable house sitting checklist template.

How to Use the House Sitting Checklist Template

  • Once you have downloaded the easy to use template for free from this page, you can begin typing information in the fields you’d like to include. The template is customizable, so you can easily add new sections or remove things you don’t need to address.
  • Don’t forget to enter any medications your pets may need, and both the frequency and amount they should be fed. Fill in the types and locations of all the plants you would like tended and be sure to mention how often each will need watered.
  • Once you have added all your information, simply print it and you’ll have an organized, easy to read house sitting checklist for your house sitter.

Tips For Using the House Sitting Checklist Template

  • Don’t forget to fill in the emergency contact numbers found on page 2 of the template. In the event of a break-in, flood, or electrical problem, your house sitter will know who to call for help.
  • It’s a good idea to notify a trusted neighbor or two that your home will be under the care of a house sitter. This way you avoid the sitter being under suspicion if they’re seen entering or leaving your home. Put this neighbor’s name and contact information on page 2, as well.
  • Save the completed checklist on your computer’s hard drive. The next time you have to leave, you can simply adjust a few things and print it again.

A checklist is important to give your house sitter a detailed plan to care for your home. This house sitting checklist template is an easy way to keep it organized.

Download: House Sitting Checklist

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