Household Monthly Budget

Saving for the future is always a wise choice, whether you live alone or you support a family, it’s always best to have a nest egg just in case. The free Household Monthly Budget is a tool that helps people that are new to budgeting develop a system that works for their particular financial situation, instead of taking a “one approach fits all” stance on budgeting. This document is fully customizable so you can easily change anything you need within the template file. When you are ready, just continue along with the guide below to learn how to download and use the free template we have provided for you.

Using the Household Monthly Budget

Click the link below to get started.

Now, begin in the “Income” section at the top of this template. You can enter as many income types that you need, as long as they contribute your monthly household income.

Now, go to the “Monthly Expenses” tab to create a continued list of your monthly expenses. This page has everything you need.

Start by entering the description of the expense; list a category from the drop-down menu of the template. You will then proceed to list the projected cost, the actual cost, and the template will display the difference along with the cost overview.

Head back to your “Monthly Budget Report” tab to see how your money is broken down each month. The pie charts below will display the percentage of your total income is being divided among your expenses.

With this information, you can easily organize your finances and start saving for your future. The template gives you all the data you need to start a successful financial year, all you have to do is take advantage of this comprehensive tool. Give it a try today!

Download: Household Monthly Budget

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