Inventory Control Template

Free Inventory Control Template

The inventory control template helps business owners accurately keep records of all aspects of their inventory. The inventory control template is designed to save business owners time as well as money. You can get the Microsoft inventory control template absolutely free on this page. It’s just one of the hundreds of helpful tools here at that will help make the life of business owners easier!

How to Use the Microsoft Inventory Control Template

Once you’ve downloaded the inventory control template by clicking on the link available on this page, open it up in Microsoft Excel. The inventory control template is a one-page spreadsheet in Excel. It is easy to read and navigate, and it allows you to sort data fields in a number of ways.

There are a total of nine columns that are included in the Microsoft inventory control template. The columns are:

  • Inventory Identification Number
  • Item/Product Name
  • Item/Product Description
  • Unit Price
  • Quantity in Stock
  • Reorder Level
  • Reorder Time in Days
  • Quantity in Reorder
  • Discontinued

Begin filling out the inventory control template by punching in the inventory identification number into the appropriate data field. Next, add the item’s name and description. Continue filling out the inventory control template by adding the unit price and quantity in stock. You can then set the reorder number and input the number of days it will take to get each item shipped. You can then add the total amount that has been reordered. If an item is no longer being produced, you can note it in the discontinued column.

As you use the inventory control template, remember that it can be expanded, decreased or otherwise customized in any manner that would make taking inventory more efficient. While it’s incredibly easy to use as is, it can be altered to further streamline operations if necessary.

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Download: Inventory Control Template

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