Inventory Excel Sheet

Most businesses dread taking inventory, making sure that all your business items are accounted for can be a tedious and time consuming task. Especially if you do not have an effective system set up to help you. The Inventory Excel Sheet is now available as a tool to help your inventory periods go efficiently and smooth. Get it for free right here!

How to Use the Inventory Template Excel Sheet

  • First, download the free, easy to use Inventory Excel Sheet from this page.
  • Second, the needs for each business are different, therefore the customization of the Inventory Excel Sheet gives it a personal touch. Change the field names, add more, reduce them, or do a combination to help fit your business inventory needs. Save the excel sheet.
  • Last, take inventory and fill out the fields for each item. Either print or save for electronic system.

Tips for Using the Inventory Template Excel Sheet

  • First, make sure to customize the Inventory Excel Sheet to not look like your run of the mill basic document. Do you outsource to another company to place the inventory information in a wider database? The logo, mission state, and company name will easily identify your inventory list over the others. If no one sees it but employees, give them something nice to view.
  • Second, compare the previous inventory Excel documents to the most recent and you can see trends, which might can be determined by seasonal, monthly, etc.
  • Third, the drop down box next to each field can be used to sort the data; such as A to Z, Z to A, you can omit or include as many items as you would like.
  • Lastly, the Inventory Excel Sheet can be color coded by categories to make it easier to know what section you are running low on and it makes it easier catch the trends. Such as all home good items can be blue, furniture can be labeled purple, electronics can be labeled brown and snacks can be labeled green. The Inventory Excel Sheet can also be color coded by unit price, the quantity in stock, etc.

Download: Inventory Excel Sheet

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