Inventory Template

A well organized inventory is paramount for any well run business. The best way to create and maintain an organized inventory is with a well designed inventory template. A good inventory template will allow you to plan ahead and control expenses, and allow you to provide excellent customer service which will have clients coming back and asking for more business.

Getting the Most Out of Our Inventory Template

With all of the different types of businesses out there, it’s important to get the inventory template that best matches your needs. Luckily, our template is fully customizable and very easy to use. Inventories that are managed poorly can lead to things like bad customer service. For example, you might place an order for a customer just to realize, later, that the inventory slip you looked at, while placing the order, was filled out incorrectly and the customer will have to wait for you to restock.

Well planned inventories using well designed templates, such as the one downloadable right here, can increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. In any business, it’s important to control your expenses. A well-designed inventory template, like the one available for free on this page, will allow you to do just that. For example, a well planned inventory can keep you from overstocking your shelves with unnecessary products, and it can help you resolve any problems you have with shrinkage.

Our easy to use template will help get your inventory organized in no time. Here are some good tips for using this template:

  • Use well thought out location names on your inventory slip so people know, with just a quick glance, exactly where the item they’re looking for is located.
  • Make sure to use a consistent measurement unit. If you sell cartons of eggs, each of them containing a dozen, then you won’t want your inventory slip having a separate entry for 36 eggs and one for 3 cartons.
  • Our template is fully customizable, make sure to take advantage of that after downloading. You want the template to be a tailor fit for your business.

A properly organized inventory is the foundation for any business, use our template to get started organizing today.

Download: Inventory Template

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