Jewish Holiday Calendar

Jewish Holiday Calendar

Shalom! If you need a way to track all the Jewish holidays and celebrations that are coming this year, then the free Jewish Holiday Calendar is the perfect template for you! This document has everything you need to properly view and follow the major Jewish holidays. Whether you want to track the changes in the year or you want to learn about Jewish culture for the first time, this template can help. You’ll have several different options for viewing, tracking, adding, and changing this information in a way that suits your needs. This template is a great way to learn more about Jewish culture and immerse yourself in the fun celebrations that Jewish faith has to offer.

How to Use the Jewish Holiday Calendar

To get started with this template, you’re going to need the file. You can click the link at the bottom of this page to download the free template.

The next step is to start in the main “Events” tab. This is where all the information of each celebration is generated and where you can add, delete, or change the items across other pages.
In this table, you’ll find the date for each celebration, the name, and a brief description that tell you a little about the holiday’s meaning.

You also have a counter that shows you the days left until the celebration will commence. This way, you have plenty of time to prepare.

The “Height” column is used to change the height in the “Timeline” tab. You can see a complete overview of all this information in the “Timeline” graph, where you can change the positions of the items as you see fit.

There are also two different calendar views, the “Calendar” version and the “Print Version.”

Using this template, you can partake in events like “Purim,” celebrating the deliverance of the Jewish people from oppression and usually observed with the exchanging of gifts and a festive meal!

Try this free template and learn more about Jewish culture today!

Download: Jewish Holiday Calendar

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