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Free Job Satisfactory Survey

Having job satisfactory in the workplace is extremely important. However, as companies grow, it has become increasingly harder to define the satisfaction of employees in their working environments. A simple solution to employee satisfaction is using a job satisfaction survey.

Many companies use these surveys to keep up-to-date with employee satisfaction as well as discover changes that can be made within the company to promote an overall positive work environment for employees. The job satisfaction survey is easy to use, free, customizable for each business, and downloadable on this site.

How to Use the Job Satisfactory Survey

  • First, download the job satisfaction survey. Forms are easy to fill out, creating customizable sections for each business. Focus on categories that relate to the every day tasks of the employee work life. Also add categories that represent long term employees.
  • Second, instruct employees to rate questions provided. Employees can rate each category on a 1-5 scale, 1 receiving a poor rating, and 5 being an excellent rating. These ratings will define how happy (or unhappy) employees are with their current work environment.
  • Third, use this information to document and determine strengths and weaknesses of current business structure. This information is pertinent for making future changes in the work place.

Tips for Using the Job Satisfactory Survey

  • Think of areas that may need improvement. Discuss benefits, work environment, and vacation time. These are all important categories to employees, dealing with the day-to-day, and long term work environment.
  • Be Open. Be open to results found with the job satisfaction survey. This survey is designed to create a better work environment for both employer and employee. The best use of this survey is to be open minded to results, bettering the future culture and atmosphere in the business.
  • Make changes. When applicable, make changes according to survey. Look for reoccurring trends and themes within the survey.

The job satisfaction survey will keep communication open with employees and employers, ensuring a positive work environment for both parties.

Download: Job Satisfactory Survey

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