June 2017 Calendar

The Excel June 2017 calendar template is a very simple template that can be used with Microsoft Excel. The template has a blue trim that identifies both the month and year on this side. The calendar also features boxes for each day that are large enough to fit multiple meetings or tasks. There is also a large section at the bottom of the calendar for general notes.

Our Excel June 2017 calendar template is a great way to stay organized and reduce stress. The June 2017 calendar template can be downloaded for free, as well as all of the calendars for the rest of the year.

June 2017 Calendar Holidays and Observances

June 1st: Global Day of Parents
This is a day to honor parents all throughout the world. This day is especially to appreciate the sacrifices that parents make for their children.

June 6th: D-Day
A remembrance of all the soldiers that lost their lives in Normandy in 1944 to give the Allies the upper hand.

June 14th: Flag Day
A national observance that commemorates the adoption of our current flag. In some places Flag Day is celebrated with a parade. Flag Day was officially created by Congress.

June 18th: Fathers’ Day
A day to honor fathers and celebrate the positive influences that fathers have on their children. Remember to do something special for your dad on this day.

June 21st: June Solstice
Also known as the summer solstice, this is the first official day of summer. The June Solstice features the day with the longest amount of daylight.

June 23rd: Public Service Day
A United Nations observance to recognize that all successful governments are rooted in a strong public service. This is a perfect day to get involved with some community service.

Download: Excel June 2017 Calendar Template

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