Law Firm Template

The Microsoft Law Firm Template

A law firm is just like any other business, it has to allocate resources efficiently. The law firm template does this by providing a template to input each project by name, type, the start and stop dates, estimated work vs. actual work and the total duration of the project. This law firm template for Excel allows your law firm to work smarter by being better informed.

Not only is data important, but in order for that data to be effectively used it must be easy to read and understand. This easily customizable template allows the user to change the colors, column names, project names, and automatically displays a helpful chart to visualize the planned vs. actual breakdown. The law firm template is available for free on this page.

How to Use the Law Firm Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • First, fill in the customizable “Company Name” at the top of the template. Be sure to include the confidentiality notice and any other information that may be helpful to identify this sheet.
  • Second, on the second page entitled “Project Details”, fill in each project name, the project type, the estimated start and finish dates, actual start and finish dates, estimated work, actual work, and the durations.
  • Third, on the third page entitled “Project Totals”, fill in each project name, the estimated and actual costs associated with that project from the partner down to the administrative staff level.

Tips for Using the Law Firm Template Excel Spreadsheet

  • First, the data should be continuously updated, but the template can also be used for planning purposes or historical review.
  • Second, don’t just input and forget, use the information contained in your spreadsheet to adjust how your firm operates, and to make your business more profitable.
  • Third, always backup the data; don’t store it in just one place!

All law firms are businesses and just like any other, the best way to be profitable is to know where your resources are going. Use the law firm template, found at, to make the process fast and painless.

Download: Law Firm Template

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