Legal Pleading Paper

When you take a case to court, it is very important that you present the documents correctly you want to file. There is specific information the courts need in processing your request. There are many cases where individuals have been sent back their legal papers because of the omittance of basic information. Many times the individual simply overlooked it or did not know the information was relevant. This legal pleading paper will allow you to have all the correct relevant information the court requires and presents it in a professional manner.

The legal pleading paper template is available free on this page. This template makes it easy to customize your important legal documents for the courts.

How to Use the Legal Pleading Paper Template

  • First, fill in the appropriate attorney information, if you are representing yourself; fill in your name, address, including city, state and zip. Insert your phone number, fax if you have one and your email address. Make sure all contact information is correct.
  • Insert the name of the court and the court’s jurisdiction
  • Type in the plaintiff and defendant’s name.
  • Fill in the correct case number. If you are just filing your court papers, you will be assigned a case number during your initial filing.
  • Type the title of the court case where it says “pleading title”.
  • Insert the information about the case “type body of pleading here”.
  • Lastly, date and sign your document.

Tips for Using the Legal Pleading Paper

  • Make sure all contact information is up to date and accurate.
  • Double check case number and save template in your files if filing more documents in the same case.
  • Make certain you sign and date your document.

This legal pleading paper makes it extremely easy to customize your court document and help insure you include all the pertinent basic information. It is so easy to omit some of this information especially when you are focused on getting to the heart of the case. This easy to use downloadable legal pleading paper will help solve that common problem.

Download: Legal Pleading Paper

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