Letter of Resignation Template

Free Letter of Resignation Template

Leaving a job can be an exciting and scary time. One of the first steps an employee needs to take is to submit a letter of resignation to his or her current employer. This not only lets the company know they are losing an employee, but helps maintain a professional relationship.

Using a Letter of Resignation Template can save time and assist in making sure necessary fields are completed. It can also reduce stress associated with making a major life change. Our Letter of Resignation Template is easy to download and customize to any situation.

How to Use the Letter of Resignation Template

The Letter of Resignation Template is available as a free download on this page. It is completely customizable and easy-to-use. Once the file is saved on your computer, entering the information is simple and quick.

First, enter your name, contact information and date into the fields at the top of the page. Then, enter your current employer’s information into the recipient fields above the main text. Finally, complete your information at the bottom of the page.

The text of the letter is written out, but should be customized to fit the situation. This not only gives you room to express unique circumstances, but feels more personal. At the very least, the date in the text should be changed to reflect the last day the employee will be with the current company.

Tips for Using the Letter of Resignation Template

  • Save a copy of the final letter of resignation for your own records. It can be useful for creating future letters or if the original is misplaced.
  • Be sure to maintain enough space between the closing and your typed name and title for a signature. Once the letter is complete, print it off and sign in the space provided to make the letter official.
  • If you have a specific reason for leaving that is positive, such as going back to school, feel free to include that information in the body of the letter. Negative comments, however, should be omitted.

Download: Letter of Resignation Template

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