Liquid Volume Converter

The Liquid Volume Converter is perfect for people that need to quickly and effortlessly transition from one unit of liquid to the next in an instant. Once downloaded, the free template document will provide you with the tools you need to enter your specifics for the units you want and give you the solution immediately after typing. There is nothing easier than entering two pieces of key information and watching as the result you need instantly pop up before you. If you’re ready to stop wasting time on tedious math problems and start getting the answers you need fast, then read how to download and use the free template below.

Liquid Volume Converter User Guide

The free Volume Converter is available by clicking the link given to you at the bottom of this page. The downloading process will begin immediately after. Simply click on the file once the download has completed opening the template.

Now, the template is intuitive once you get a chance to look it over. To the far right of the main table, there are two white cells, one with a drop-down arrow and one without.

Start in the top cell with the drop-down menu and select the unit of measure you want to use. Once you click the arrow, you will have multiple options to choose from. The next step will be to select the number of units you want to convert, based off of the unit of measure you selected above.

When you have completely filled out these two sections, the table to the left of the sheet will automatically change and display the information you need. The example you are provided with at the start converts 1 fluid ounce. You can see all the other units of liquid measurement displayed next to their conversion.

You will notice that 1 fluid ounce is equal to 6 teaspoons and so on. Using this Volume Converter, you will be able to make these conversions immediately without a single moment wasted.

Download: Liquid Volume Converter

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