Liquor Inventory Sheet

Free Liquor Inventory Sheet

One of the basics of any retail related business is to maintain an exact count of what is in the inventory. This exists in order to minimize the possibility of theft, calculate value of existing store assets, to alert management when stock is low and much more. Utilizing the Liquor Inventory Sheet not only tallies information required to maintain a successful inventory, but also sorts it at user discretion to improve existing systems. This Excel template provides an easily accessible tool to manage a core function of business.

How to Use Liquor Inventory Sheet Template

  • The first step is to download the Liquor Inventory Sheet for free. Simply locate the download link on this page and proceed.
  • The second step is fill in all the basic required information for each unit. This includes any assigned inventory ID, name, a basic description, price per unit, current stock values, reorder stock amount, quantity of product in a reorder, and time required for a reorder to arrive.
  • The third step is to customize by adding information that is specific to the business and its needs. This is extremely easy to use and only requires right clicking and inserting another column, then filling it with the appropriate data.
  • The last step is to sort the information using the drop down menu options located underneath the title of each column. By choosing which column to use, the Liquor Inventory Sheet will organize the spreadsheet according to what is deemed as most important.

Tips on Using the Liquor Inventory Sheet Template

  • Create new information related to the interest of the business. Such as creating a new data element to track the difference between stock levels and reorder levels to find out which product deserves the most priority in a reorder.
  • Save new copies every time the spreadsheet is edited in order to track past actions.
  • Create groups by adding specific key words in the basic descriptions in order to more easily filter out the wanted results when searching.

The Liquor Inventory Sheet provides a clean professional approach to many of the tasks already being performed in the workplace.

Download: Liquor Inventory Sheet

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