Manufacturing Budget Template

Microsoft's Manufacturing Budget Template

When you have a manufacturing project going on it is important to know what you are spending. Keeping all of that information can be quite difficult, but it is necessary if you are going to do the proper accounting. Using the Manufacturing budget Template will help you keep up with all of these costs.

How to Use the Manufacturing Budget Template

The manufacturing budget template is designed to be extremely easy to use. The template will help you keep up with all of the overhead costs that come from a manufacturing project. The budget is broken down into quarters and includes several suggestions as to types of overhead. These include things like insurance and rent. It is extremely easy to enter in your data and the totals are added up by quarter and material in real-time.

Having the budget broken up by quarter and being able to use the template by just entering the data makes the manufacturing budget template an incredibly efficient tool. On the far right of the spreadsheet you will even see a percentage of the total money spent on each source of overhead. The manufacturing budget template is completely and totally free and is totally customizable. If you are in the manufacturing business, then you need a template to help with the budget.

Manufacturing Budget Template Tips

  • Keep track of all your expenses so you can enter them into the budget as soon as possible.
  • Use the data this template gives you to affect your purchasing decisions. If you know you have an area where you can lower costs, then you need to lower them.
  • Use your knowledge of your overhead in order to inform your final price.
  • Negotiate contracts with these percentages in mind, you can even turn these percentages into a circle graph if you would like
  • Keep track of which quarters were more expensive and try to figure out why these expenses are so high in that particular quarter.
  • Include every source of overhead costs that you can think of. This will give you the best possible portrayal of your budget.

Download: Manufacturing Budget Template

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