Marketing Budget Plan Template

Microsoft's Marketing Budget Plan Template

A marketing budget plan template is a handy tool for businesses to have, especially when planning a budget for campaigns, events, flyers, billboards, research, and other marketing strategies. While these techniques and strategies can reach many new clients for a business, they also require significant investments in order to launch. In order to make sure the company doesn’t exceed its available funds in order to launch a marketing strategy, a marketing budget plan template can help organize the funds available, and from there you can decide how much of the available funds you want to use for a marketing strategy.

How To Use The Marketing Budget Plan Template

This template is an Excel spreadsheet¬†and is free to download right here. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can either fill in the blanks of the template as it is, or you can customize the template so that it looks the way you want to.

  • One way to do this is to use a table or grid, and when you enter your data into the template, it will show up in the appropriate boxes.
  • Another way to do this is to use a circular chart or graph representing the funding sources and how you plan to use them for your marketing strategy.
  • You can also have the categories organized in alphabetical order to make it easier to navigate through.

Tips For Using The Marketing Budget Plan Template

The best way to keep your marketing budget plan template organized is to have the expenses separated from the income. You should include everything the marketing or PR department is currently spending on in one section, and the other section should have the sources listed where the incoming funds are coming from. You may want to have specific references to the books where the funds are listed at so that when the marketing department is audited, the funding sources can be checked to make sure there are no discrepancies found between company departments or outside sources. It is best to make sure the company budget has been reviewed recently to make sure all the financial numbers are accurate and up to date.

Download: Marketing Budget Plan Template

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