Marketing Plan Budget Template

Marketing Budget Plan Template FREE

Economics are simple. Income must exceed expenses. To increase income, businesses use marketing to attract consumers. Problems arise when marketing expenses exceed the allotted budget. Hence, the need for a detailed marketing budget plan. Never again wonder where the money is going. Track your marketing expenses using the customizable marketing plan budget template.

This marketing plan budget template is a free document that will provide a clear plan for every marketing dollar. The detailed marketing plan budget template allows every business to track the marketing plan and adjust according to unforeseen expenses. The customizable document provides the freedom to make it unique for every company. The Microsoft Excel template presents a fast, easy way to see the marketing budget at a glance. Four easy steps and any business can generate a professional looking and practical marketing budget.

Marketing Plan Budget Template

  • First, download the template and save to the desktop for easy access. Having a blank copy at the ready speeds up the process for new projects.
  • Second, name the marketing budget plan template in the upper left hand corner of your copy. Save again under the specific project name for future reference.
  • Third, customize the fields for individual expenses.
  • Fourth, enter the data for each expense and the document will make the necessary calculations.

Marketing Plan Budget Template

  • Make the document as detailed as possible. Tracking even small expenses will keep spending under control.
  • Follow up on the document consistently. As the old business adage goes, inspect what you expect. Adjustments can be made when unexpected expenses occur, but only if these expense are identified quickly.
  • Use the data. When similar projects are proposed in the future, this marketing budget plan template will provide valuable guidance in the success and failure of certain marketing investments.
  • Back up this budget in multiple ways. When questioned about any expense, this document can eliminate any doubt about where the money went. Therefore, it is important to have quick access to the final budget.

All companies need marketing to be successful. Using the marketing plan budget template template, found at, will make tracking those marketing dollars simple and painless.

Download the Marketing Plan Budget Template from Microsoft Office: Marketing Budget Plan Template

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