Math Multiplication Table Template

Math Multiplication Table

Children need a variety of math skills to survive in the classroom and in the real world. As children grow and rise up to higher grade levels, their needs increase. Elementary students need to learn the basics: addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Students can quickly and easily use our math multiplication table template to solve any multiplication problem in a flash.

With our free Excel multiplication table template, students will be able to solve algorithms as well as story problems with ease. Our template is a great study tool for elementary school students and is very simple to follow and use.

How to Use the free Math Multiplication Table Template

  • Find and save the multiplication table template included in this article. You’ll have to open it in your version of Microsoft Excel or other some other spreadsheet-compatible software.
  • Once the file is open, change the “Multiplication Table” title on the template to anything you wish. You can put an individual student’s name on it or just leave it as is.
  • To add more numbers to the tables, simply insert new rows. You’ll find it very easy to also remove columns and rows as needed. The template is customizable depending on the student’s needs.
  • If you want to bring attention to a row or set of rows, just highlight them and change the background color. This will let the students know which rows and numbers they’ll be studying for the time being.

Tips for the Math Multiplication Table

  • Remember that there are multiple ways to customize your new template. The most common customizations include changing colors, fonts, and font sizes. Changing the row and column sizes can also be easily accomplished.
  • To customize your chart for each student, type their name in the title. If need be, insert the teacher name or class number so that it can be given out to each student.
  • Keep this template in an easy to find place. You can print out multiple copies in the future as well as make further edits.

Download: Math Multiplication Table Template

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