Matrix Chart

One of the most popular forms of corporate structure in the 21st century is the matrix. Essentially a 2 dimensional or more reporting or process structure, it allows people to organize their work by either function or by product or service. One of the largest problems that people have had in the past with regard to using a Matrix Chart in their organization has been the challenge that comes with creating and visually displaying it to your audience.

The Matrix Chart Template for PowerPoint allows users to create matrices that can be displayed in many different configurations of blocks. You can choose up to 15 different options, making the template easily customizable. The Matrix Chart Template can be downloaded for free from this page.

How to Use the Matrix Chart Template for PowerPoint

  • Open the template and choose the size or type of matrix that fits the plan, process, or organization that you are trying to describe.
  • Enter the appropriate information in each square of the matrix. There should be a summary area that you can also use to provide your audience with an overview to the right of the matrix that you are using on some slides.
  • After you are finished, run the presentation using the slideshow feature. If you plan to have the slides auto-advance, adjust the timing of each slide so that audience members have a chance to hear you or the dialog completely before the slide advances.

Tips for Using the Matrix Chart Template for PowerPoint

  • There are two ways to customize the colors that you are using in your template. The first way is to look at the different types of pages that are available. They come in a variety of colors. You can select a color that way, or you can select an area on your slide and right click it and edit the colors from the properties selection.
  • You can add arrows between complex blocks of matrix so that people can understand if there are separate relationships within the structure of what you are explaining.
  • The template can be used for other purposes as well. One other use might be providing a backdrop to explain a series of steps that you plan to take.

Download: Matrix Chart

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