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To run an orderly club for any age group, certain information needs to be kept from year to year. This certain information includes names and contact information of members, duration of membership, positions held within the club, and interests in the club. If collected, membership dues must also be credited correctly. The use of a membership list template can help clubs easily create master lists of their membership.

How to Use the Membership List Template

  • First, add the overall club’s information to the downloadable template. This information includes the name and contact information for the club. Save this general outline.
  • Second, gather all the information about the membership of the club you desire to have entered into the membership list template. Gathering all of those details in one place will help with the next step.
  • Third, enter the details of the members of club one member at a time. Remember to save the template frequently. If then an accident occur in the middle of this process, only one member’s data is lost at most.

Tips on Using the Membership List Template

  • First, once the master list is assembled, print off a hard copy of the list for the use of the secretary and the communications officer. Each of those officers should be able to reach just about everyone in the club quickly and efficiently. By giving them the membership list, their ability to perform is improved.
  • Second, beyond the officers of the club, be sensible about who has access to the list. Personal information is very valuable. Protect the data with passwords and restricted access.
  • Third, regularly review the club’s membership listings. At such reviews, update dues paid. Remember also to delete former members as well as add new ones.

An orderly club needs to keep some information for a number of reasons. Among these reasons is the ability to contact the membership swiftly. A club must also keep information about dues to fund the club. To fulfill these needs, a free membership list template can greatly assist by gathering the required information into one place for the club.

Download: Membership List Template

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